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Whitewater Technician

Introduction: Lapin Koskikoulu is currently offering the Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician course. This is aimed at people who spend time playing or working in a white water environment. This course is ideal for kayakers, canoeists, raft guides and fishermen. Also great for those who want to spend some time exploring rescue techniques before venturing off on longer trips.

Course Length: 3 days  

Course content includes:
  • Hydrology and water dynamics
  • Introduction to technical rescue equipment
  • Hazard identification & risk assessment
  • Introduction to rope systems
  • Swimming in moving water
  • Medical considerations
  • Foot and body entrapments
  • Scene management
  • Contact and in-water rescues
  • Kayak & raft specific rescues
  • Crossing techniques
  • Boat pins and entrapments

Cost: €350 (per person)

Pre requisites: 
  • Please contact us for bookings.
  • Each Course must have minimum of 5 participants.
  • Includes student participation pack.
  • Pre requisites Minimum 18 years old.
  • Be a confident swimmer

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Guide Training Programme

Introduction A course for potential raft guides

Course Length: 5 days

Course content includes:
  • The International rafting federation raft guide scheme.
  • The role & conduct of a raft guide.
  • How to conduct a pre trip safety talk.
  • Guide & customer personal clothing and equipment.
  • Raft construction and repairs.
  • Rafting techniques and maneuvers.
  • Whitewater hydrology.
  • Whitewater swimming & whitewater rescue.
  • Rope work in a whitewater environment.
  • Signals.
  • Emergency management scenarios.
  • Flip drills.

Cost: €350 (per person)

Pre requisites: 
  • Minimum age 16 years old
  • The ability to swim
  • Each Course must have minimum of 4 participants.

Guide & Trip leader assessment workshops

Class 2 guide
Class 3 guide
Class 3 trip leader
Class 4/5 guide
Class 4/5 trip leader

Introduction: Aimed at guides with existing commercial guiding experience. Upon successful completion of the workshop all guides and trip leaders will be issued a IRF certificate and be added to The IRF data base. The IRF awards are proof of competence. During the workshop you will be assessed on the following areas of rafting.

Course Length:  3 day assessment

Course content includes:
  • Safety talk
  • Rafting techniques & River running skills
  • A demanding swim
  • A throwbag test
  • Rope work assessment & mechanical advantage
  • Flip drill test
  • Completion of a written paper
  • Management of an emergency scenario (trip leader candidates only)
  • Please contact us for more details

Cost: €250 (per person) + IRF admin fee

Pre requisites: 
  • Pre existing rafting experience is needed along with a current first aid certificate that must include CPR.
  • Payment of IRF Admin fees
  • Minimum 4 people per course
  • Please contact us for more details

IRF safety craft workshop (Kayak) 

Introduction The First course of its kind to offer specific training for safety kayakers working on commercial rafting trips.

Course Length: 3 day workshop

Course content includes:
  • Safety kayak pre trip safety talk.
  • Signals.
  • Rope work.
  • Kayak specific rescues of panicked & Unconscious swimmers
  • Exiting your kayak into a raft.
  • Towing and guiding a raft from your kayak.
  • Dealing with flipped rafts.
  • Exiting the kayak on uneven ground.
  • Emergency scenario management.
  • Swimming & Throw bag exercises

Cost: €250 + IRF admin fee

Pre requisites: 
  • Minimum age 18 years old
  • Competent class 3 kayaker with a reliable roll
  • Current logbook and valid first aid certificate withcpr
  • Minimum 4 participants per course

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Lapland has some amazing section of water. Be it lakes, slow moving rivers, or raging rapids during the spring floods. Lapland has now become our home but we have traveled and guided all over the world this lets us give to you a wealth of knowledge & experience  built up from these travels. lapland_in_summer_158 It was just a matter of time before somebody came along to open these magical places up for everyone to share and enjoy the Lappish nature. Lapin Koskikoulu offer a wider range of activities ranging from internationally certified & recognized courses  through to one on one personal coaching. We are a young company striving to be the best in our field. Our main aim is to provide you with a fun, safe educational environment that will help you to develop your skills  and enjoy your time in the Lappish Nature. We run our courses all over the world including countries such as; Finland, Iceland, India, Nepal, Wales and Morocco to name but a few. Check us out on Facebook

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